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We offer advice and explanation of the 12 astrology star signs for kids – Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces and much more


Astrology Guide For Kids is for people young at heart. And because astrology can be a very complicated subject and hard to understand I have done my best to make it as simple and easy for everyone to understand as you possible can with astrology. I have created cartoon illustrations to go with the different content on this site to give it a more interesting message. I hope you will enjoy my posts and that it will help to enlightening you in the areas of astrology in some way so you can understand your own astrological sign.

All people are different but by having an understanding of the astrology star signs and the sign you were born under may help you to understand why your friends and family are different and why they act in another way than you would expect them to. Just by understanding their star signs will help to make sense of their sometimes unusual behavior. Learning astrology in more dept can help you to become more aware of a lot of things and when you have this knowledge you will probably handle some situations in a different way.

If you have ever had your astrology chart done you will have some idea of how the horoscope is made up of 12 star signs. There are 12 houses in a horoscope and each one of the houses is ruled by one of the 12 star signs which are ruled by one of the astrological planets. The sun stay 2 hours in each house and therefore all the signs and the planets are in constant movement which is why it is so important to know the correct time of your birth when astrologers have to draw your horoscope up. The houses take on a vibration of their own and the house the sun was in at the time of your birth will be influenced by the vibrations of that house and so will all the planets.

Therefore it can sometimes be difficult to understand why people don’t identify with the sun sign they were born under. For example if you are born in an air sign which will normally give you a well developed intellectual mind that needs plenty of stimulation and enjoy communication with others. But if your sun sign is in one of the houses in the horoscope that is ruled by an earth sign then you will probably have a more grounded and sensible way of talking to other people as well as handling your own life.

That is the difference the vibrations of the houses can make to a person when their sun, moon and all the planet fall

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in houses of a different element to which they were born into at the time. This is not a bad thing because it can stabilise your chart and add more balance to your life. If you keep on reading the content on astrology guide for kids web site then you will learn more about astrology and how it can help you.

Post excerpt from Astrology Star Signs for Kids

Aries Star Sign – Hello ! I am an Aries and all Aries people are born between March 21st – April 20th Our key word is “ACTION” I am a fire sign and my ruling planet is Mars. That gives me a lot of energy and when I have found something to do that I really like there is nothing holding me back I put all my energy into it. I also have a lot of determination and don’t like anything to get in my way when I am in action. Read full article

Taurus Star Sign– Hello – I am a Taurus and all Taurus people are born between April 20th – May 20th Our key word is “I HAVE” I am an earth sign and my ruling planet is Venus. Read full article Gemini Star Sign – Hello everyone we are the

Gemini Twins” and all Gemini’s are born between May 21st – June 21st. Our key word is “I THINK” We are an air sign and our ruling planet is Mercury. Read full article

Cancer Star Sign – Hello – I am representing the “Cancerian people” and we are all born between June 22nd – July 22nd.” Our key word is “I FEEL” We are the Moon people because we are ruled by the Moon which makes us a water sign and very emotional inclined. Read full article

Leo Star sign – HiI am “Leo” and all Leo people are born between July 23rd August -22nd Our key word is “I WILL”. We are ruled by the Sun and our sign is the regal sign of the zodiac. We are the King, the Boss, the Leader. Read full article

I am a Virgo star sign and all Virgo people are born between August 23rd – September 22nd Our key word is “I ANALYSE” We are an earth sign and our ruling planet is Mercury the planet of the messenger which is why we posses such a brilliant, alert, and quick mind that enable us to analyse thing before we except them. Read full article

I am a Libra and all Libras are born between September 23rd – October 23rd. Our key word is ‘I BALANCE”. We are and air sign and our ruling planet is Venus. We are charming, tactful and diplomatic people. We love and appreciate beauty and harmony. Read full article

I am a “Scorpio star sign” and that is a fascinating sign. All Scorpios are born between October 24th – November 22nd. Our key word is “I DESIRE”. We are a water sign and our ruling planet is Pluto which gives us tremendous drive, determination, an intense personality and we can often be identified by our intensive eyes. Other parts of the body it governs are the pelvis and the reproduction area. Read full article

I am a Sagittarius Star Sign and all Sagittarius people are born between November 23rd – December 21st. Our key word is “I SEE” We are a fire sign and our ruling planet is Jupiter. We are basically happy, optimistic people with a cheerful outlook on life. We are often called the “Happy go Lucky” people and many of us are indeed lucky people and we are a lot of fun to be around. Read full article

I am a Capricorn Star Sign and all Capricorn people are born between December 22nd – January 19th. Our keyword is “I USE”. We are an earth sign and are generally very practical and sensible people. Our ruling planet is Saturn which gives us a sense of discipline and responsibility. The part of the body this sign rules is our skin, the bones and especially the knees. Read full article

I am an Aquarius Star Sign and all Aquarius people are born between January 20th – February 19th Our key word is “I KNOW”. We are an air sign and planet Uranus is our ruling planet. This makes us very inventive and gives us an original streak in our character. When people say to us you have to design you destiny we have no problem doing that because we are gifted individuals who like the freedom to do out own thing. Read full article

I am a Pisces star sign and all Pisces people are born between February 20th – March 21st. Our keyword is “Believe”. We are a water sign and planet Neptune is our ruling planet. This makes us very intuitive, sensitive, emotional and our actions are strongly motivated by our feelings. Read full article

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