Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology

a couple in a relationship kissing by a park benchAnyone who has a fascination with astrology and how the cosmos and the positioning of the planets affects our lives will be interested in how the universe can come into play regarding any relationship that we enter into. The art of relationship astrology is called Synastry and is the study of how people interact with each other and why certain individuals get on well and others tend to constantly be at odds with each other.

Each of us, when we enter this world, is born under a sign of the zodiac which is depicted by a birth chart, (also known as a natal chart) of the heavens at the moment we take our first breath. Although an individual is grouped together under a specific star sign like Capricorn or Virgo for instance which gives them certain characteristics, it is the moment of birth that lays the foundations. At this moment, a unique signature is created for the person and points to potentials in personality traits, likes, dislikes and so forth. Taking a measure of the complete birth chart of an individual will provide tremendous insight into the potentials and probabilities concerning a relationship.

Synastry in Relationships

Most people who are interested in astrology are familiar with Sun sign compatibility. The study of Synastry is the study of astrology related to relationships. It is complicated because most people do not know the exact time, to the second, they were born. However, with more detailed information, an experienced astrologer can look way beyond the limited information provided by a person’s Sun sign and interpret considerable detail about a person and their life. With all the correct information, one may know exactly what kind of person would be good for another in terms of a relationship. Interestingly, an astrologer with a good grounding in synastry is able to look at a particular couple’s charts and know how well suited they are, if there are potential problems on the horizon and if the relationship will last.

Valuable insights can be gained from some of the main influencers in the universe and one of those is the planet Venus also known in Greek mythology as the goddess of love.

Venus, Planet of Love

Venus is the ruler of attraction between two people and is particularly important in astrological relationships, and interactions point to lasting attraction and significant union. The position of Venus in a person’s natal chart indicates an individual’s approach to love and how they handle a long-term relationship. Aspects of other planets in conjunction with Venus gives an indication of how and if a relationship with another will work out.

Each natal chart will give a reading based on the planetary positions, but the one to take note of, if you are looking for answers to a relationship, is the Sun-Venus inter-aspect. This will indicate the common interests and potential harmony as well as the likely hood of long-term compatibility.

A Relationship Compatibility Example

An example of a love relationship between a Scorpio Man and a Pisces Woman has to be evaluated by their general characteristics. He is usually confident, loyal, driven, and profound. She is artistic, ethereal, ultra- feminine and sometimes unfathomable. The Scorpio male can be cool at first but with commitment comes possessiveness. The Pisces female, however, is a water sign and may struggle with self-esteem. The combination could prove strong if each is prepared to accept the others underlying faults. You can find out more information about the Pisces female in this article and the Scorpio male, here.

The above example is of two people born under a specific star sign relating to one of the twelve zodiac signs. However each of these signs just gives an indication of a person’s character make up, and to get a true reading of the chart at the time of birth needs to be consulted. All of us are governed by the positions of the planets in the solar system and are individual to each of us. The different energies depicted by our natal charts create specific energies when we enter a new relationship with another person.

An Introduction To The 12 Zodiac Signs

An Introduction To The 12 Zodiac Signs

the 12 signs of the zodiacZodiac is a Greek word that is derived from the words zodion, ζῴδιον which means small animals and living beings and kilos, κύκλος which mean circle. The literal translation of this word can be a “circle of animals” and the symbolic meaning involves a belt or circle of life.

The Zodiac sign is a reflection of the laws pertaining to evolution in the world and are an indication of specific standards according to how Man should be behaving in this incarnate world. Here is a list of the 12 Zodiac signs and their meanings.

An Overview Of The Zodiac Signs


This fire sign falls from the 21 March to the 21 April. This sign is associated characteristics such as an agitator, forceful, courageous, confrontational, creative, restless, a doe-er, lover of challenges, a leader, dynamic, ardent and a fighter. This sign represents the Ram which lacks subtlety, is aggressive and brusque. Some famous Aries can be seen here.


This earth sign falls from 21 April to May 21 and people born under this sign are often goal-orientated, sensuous, patient, skilled artisan, bullheaded, resonant voice, and a lover of the creature comforts. The bull sign is often stingy, stubborn and more prone to picking up weight. To find out about famous Taurean’s, see here on


This air sign falls under May 21 to June 21. The Twins is a sign associated with characteristics such as adaptable, erratic, quick intellect, curious, many sided, scattered focus, fun, friendly, lackadaisical and a learner. This sign is associated with mercurial flip-flopping along with tricksterish behavior.


The Crab is a water sign and is linked to characteristics such as emotional, senses undercurrents, cautious around a new person, absorbed in their moods, hidden strength, nurturing.


The Lion is a fire sign associated with characteristics such as glamorous, smiley, ambitious, demands respect, proud, lover of risks and adventure, big-hearted, expressive, and passionate.


Those born from the 21 August to the 21 September fall under this earth sign. Characteristics include articulate, mechanical, fastidious, critical of others and self, conscientious and sincere.


The Scales is an air sign. Those born from 21 September to 21 October fall under this sign as are often stylish, talkative, lover of art and beauty, intellectual, sophisticated, social grace and diplomatic. This sign often evades co-dependency and confrontation.


This water sign falls from 21 October to 21 November. People under this sign are often secretive, soulful, driven, probing, profound, a lover of mysteries, deep healer, mesmerizing and driven. Both Scorpio men and women can be pretty intense. However, each can be slightly different in how they display their characteristics. You can learn more about Scorpio women at and Scorpio men at


The Archer is a fire sign that runs from the 21 November to 21 December. These people are usually athletic, cheerful, world travelers, a seeker, philosopher, dot connector, refreshingly honest, enlivening and a friend to everyone. Because of these traits people born under the sign of Sagittarius often make great friends and are fun to be around.


Born from 21 December to January 21, this earth sign is hard-working, resourceful, and master of the material realm focused on results that are tangible, persistent, private, strategized, authority and a leader.


Born from the 21 January to 21 February is an air sign. These people are usually trendsetters, quirky, flaunts convention, accepting of everything, otherworldly glamour, detached friendliness, humanitarians. Some famous people born under the sign of Aquarius can be found here at


This water sign falls from 21 February to 21 March. These people are usually mystical, enchanting, unreachable, devoted, undefined, slips easily away from anything that is “real”, lacks direction, victim, ethereal, sublime and overwhelmed.

Overview Of The Planets In Our Solar System

Overview Of The Planets In Our Solar System

the solar systemThe natural world truly is a wonderful place and it doesn’t matter if you are looking at things on a microscopic level or on a universal level, there are amazing things to see and learn. One of those things that are close to us in the solar system, and just taking a look into this unique area is going to help you have a greater appreciation for what the universe has to offer as well.

Our Solar System And The Planets


The first stop in this overview of our solar system is the orbits of the planets. Up until recently, there were nine planets but now, there are only eight that are recognized, thanks to the decision to remove Pluto from the list. It also contains the sun, which is an average size star and it is located in the centre of our solar system. Along with the planets are also dwarf planets as well as satellites that revolve around the planets.

The inner and outer solar systems

The inner solar system consists of 5 planets and the sun. Those planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Outside the orbit of Mars is the main asteroid belt and then you have the outer planets of the solar system, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the dwarf planet, Pluto.

The orbits of the planets are not circular but rather, they are elliptical. The only exception is Mercury, which is very close to circular. In addition, most of the orbits of the planets are on a very similar plane, which is approximately 7 degrees from the sun’s equator.

Another interesting thing about the solar system is the fact that the majority of it is not made up of matter but rather, it is empty space. There are vast gulfs between the planets and in some cases, those distances may be much larger than others. That is especially true when you get into the outer solar system.

All of the planets orbit the sun in the same direction. If you are looking down from the north pole to the sun, you would see that it was a counterclockwise motion for those orbits. In addition, the majority of the planets also rotate in a counterclockwise direction when looking down from the North Pole. The exception is Venus and Uranus. Pluto also rotates in a clockwise direction.

It can sometimes be difficult to truly envision the size and scope of the solar system in which we live. Some of the planets are so large in relation to the earth where we live that the earth itself could fit inside of them many times over. In addition, once you begin to look outside of the solar system, you see that the distances become so vast that they really are hard to envision when you try to consider the scale.

Interestingly, it is from the observation of our solar system and the various star constellations that has resulted in the theory of astrology and the use of horoscopes.

The solar system truly is a marvelous place to live. Our Earth, however, is a unique planet and it is one that is well-suited for life. You will not find a similar planet anywhere else in the known universe. It is a part of this wonderful system that is known as our solar system.

Wonderful astrology in an exciting world!

Wonderful astrology in an exciting world!

a starey sky at nightAstrology is a fascinating subject that captivated millions of people all around the world. What a beautiful thing it is to be able to capture and inspire the imaginations of people to wonder about what could be out there beyond our known world.

Many find it hard to believe that the movements and planetary alignments can have an influence on the world, our environment, and people. However, this has been debated, hypothesized and mused over for centuries. Many famous people swear by the accuracy of the predictions of horoscope readings, including Angelina Jolie, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Lady Gaga.

There are 12 zodiac signs, each corresponding to an element. They are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius which corresponds to the Fire element. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, which relate to the element of Earth. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, which are said to belong to Air. And Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, which all pertain to the water element. Understanding your star sign and your characteristics, your strengths and weaknesses can help enhance and improve the choices you make in life as well and knowing what is generally best for you and why events may be happening in your life.

Please come back to revisit us soon for more info on the horoscopes and astrology.